I voted for a HOT, HOT, HOTTIE!!

I took the kids with me to the local polling place yesterday evening. Carina was in her stroller and Christopher and Eric took turns on a RAZOR scooter that someone from work gave me yesterday for them. On the way way there, my kids got really excited and Christopher started chanting “We’re going to see Obama! We’re going to see Obama!” I have no idea how he knew that name, cause we typically don’t discuss politics at home. The weather was beautiful outside and there were so many people outside the polling place. I got to meet Tony Peyton while we were there. And Christina Tartaglione. They were both outside trying to get voters to vote for them. I of course immediately went in and voted for Tony because he was so cute and so enthusiastic. And YOUNG! he’s only 27, which he offered, I didn’t ask. He asked my sons how old they thought he was and Christopher said “15!?” And Eric guessed “32?” He said he’s the youngest person in office in Philadelphia.

Well, I think that’s great. We need more great hot hott hotties in office. Why should we as Americans have to sit through watching hours of debate with aging politicians that looked like they’ve been dragged through the dirt in expensive suits after years of late nights with expensive hookers and gay rendezvous in public restrooms? I would love to watch him debate on TV anyday, I surely wouldn’t change the channel then. 🙂 Anyhow, we got into the polling place and pushed Carina into the booth with me. Well she was completely FREAKED out!! She wanted nothing of the mammouth monstrotity of a polling machine anywhere near her. She didn’t like the blue curtain. Even my presence didn’t comfort her. And my usually very quiet daughter started to SCREAM!!! My little angel was terrified!! Eric had to come over and push her out back over with him. As soon as he pulled her out of the curtain, she calmed down immediately. Funny though how that machine scared the mess out of my little girl. But I did, I went in and did my part to see if I could help change the world, our world. Of course my candidate of choice (Barack Obama) did NOT win in Pennsylvania, much to my dismay. But the one pleasing news was that Tony Peyton won by an overwhelming 62%! Hoorary for Hot Hott Hotties in office everywhere! When I left the polling place, there were more people outside yelling to attract last minute straggling voters (since it was so close to 8). “stick a fork in him! come in and cast your vote! you can help change America!” and you know, even though my candidate didn’t win PA, I hope he does win the presidency. And I left feeling oh so good that I had taken my turn at sticking that big huge american fork into Bush. Out with the tyrant!!! Hooray for democracy!!

The Case for Open Relationships by Rachel Kramer…

I stumbled across this articl on line today. It gave me a lot to think about. What is your take on this?

The Case For Open Relationships