Death of Love

“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.”
Author unknown by me

I found this quote on line today. It speaks volumes in such few sentences. My question is, how do you know when love is really dead? Maybe, when you have to ask the question…

Being Selfish…

I miss my life from a long time ago. My life before I had kids and got married. I miss that life. Lazy mornings of uninterrupted sleep. Days and nights disappeared while I rushed through finishing books that I couldn’t put down. Late nights with friends. Dancing until dawn. Drinking until my head would pound in the morning and force me to sleep even more. Weekly trips to the beauty and tanning salons. My nails were always freshly manicured. My life was about me. ..
Now, things are different. It’s trips to the barber shop that I have to schedule now. And little nails on 3 sets of hands that I have to gently cut. Sunblock with 50 SPF instead of suntan oil. And books that are chosen by my little ones for bedtime reading. Instead of dancing at the club, we dance in the kitchen while I’m making dinner. Hangovers? Things of the past, you don’t get those from drinking too much water and juice.

I wouldn’t trade it all in for anything. Because one day, my little ones that need so much from me now, one day they’ll spread their little wings and fly the nest and they won’t come back, because they’ll be too busy building their own nests and starting their own lives. And when that happens, I (ME) I will be back. My life will be about me again. But it won’t be the same as when I was young and my life was all about me. It will be different somehow. Too quiet. Too empty. Like a house that is a home one day and the next if the family moves out and takes everything, it’s different. The walls echo when words are spoken within them. No longer is it a warm place, but a hollow shell of what once was, it’s just a house. Oh sure, my nails and my hair will be done, but no one will be around to wake me up in the morning. And cuddle in next to me in bed. There will be no little boys standing around idly rubbing my back while I pick up a broken glass and when I ask what they’re doing telling me “I’m just rubbing your back Mami cause I love you”.

So yeah, I guess I do miss the simpler selfish days of old, but one day, I’m going too miss these days oh so much more than those. Because these, although they are so crazy and filled with so much constant commotion and demands, these are days that will hold me while I’m old and alone at night. I’ll look at the photos and I’ll remember it all. The sounds. The smells. The laughter. The love… And then I think one day all of the lonliness of my selfish existence will be erased when my little grandchildren wallk through my door and directly into my heart. Oh, Lord, I just pray their not as bad as my kids are!! But you know, I think maybe I won’t even mind.

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett happy marriage……
i found this article really interesting. the redefinition of relationships. What do you think???


Spring is here, in the air. You can feel it when you walk outside. It pulses in the air all around you. With every breath that you take, you can feel it pumping through you. The energy, the newness, the life of it all. Leaves, grass, flowers, all in bloom.

I love taking walks now at lunch. To anywhere and nowhere in particular just to get out and breathe in the spring. Feel my lungs expands with its fullness and fertility. With each step that I take, my body recharges. It fills me with a light that illuminates from inside of me. And men stop and stare at me as I am reborn.