Is Facebook a Farce? (via Fungai Neni)

A thought for Facebook today…

Is Facebook a Farce? To everyone who wished me a happy birthday on Monday on my Facebook profile, thank you. But it wasn’t really my birthday. Before you work up a sweat, please allow me to explain. I am getting so tired of this over-reliance on Facebook to keep people up to date with everything happening in their peers’ lives that I wanted to see just how many people would realise that they had already wished me a happy birthday this year, on my real birthday months … Read More

via Fungai Neni

Labor Day…

Pics of me and the kids over the Labor Day holiday…

Carina at me at my friend's BBQ

Me & Christopher at the BBQ

Carina, me & Eric

Delia, my other mom and me, some good things never change

One Thing I Learned Recently

Cut away my dead leaves so I can grow…

meakly pruned crape myrtle

One thing that I've learned recently is that no matter how much we want our worlds to stay the same, they won't. They can't even. I mean I think it's against some sort of laws of nature or gravity that things cannot stay the same. People die, change, and grow every single day. Nothing in fact, can stay the same. So as much as we struggle to hold on to what we know right now, what we've known for years… sometimes we have to let go so that we can get to know all of the wonders of what is to come.

it's funny because I used to work in a position where change was a daily occurence. Your whole day could get turned upside down at the end of a meeting or when someone walked past your desk. And so I had to force myself to embrace change. And embrace I did. I held on to change so tightly that I began to live my life as one daily roller coaster of change. And my life was full of all of the wrong sorts of changes…

And now I've found that I'm facing the biggest changes ever in my life… losing my job, and most recently losing someone who I thought was my best friend for the past 18+ years. The losses keep on coming but what I'm losing I'm losing for a reason… I know that there is something 100 times better waiting for me in the near future and that's why I have to go through these losses. And all I can say is that I'm keeping my face facing forward… there is no reason to look behind me anymore, it's the past after all and I'm looking forward to newer, bigger, and better things.

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A Children’s Book Every Child Should Read

Good Night Cow jumping over the moon…

This has been a favorite of all 3 of my children at some point in time. It is a huge hit with my 3 year old daughter right now. Reading this book is a wonderful way to transition your child to going to bed. As she follows this cute little bunny rabbit on his good night routine.

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