Love is a VERB

Seriously you need SUPERhuman strength to fulfill the roles of wife and mother. It sounds so easy but its SO much more than that. Im the maid, chauffer, cook, triage nurse, laundry person, bath regulator (yes i gotta regulate that too lol), lost item finder, last minute costume creator, trip chaperone, classroom volunteer, medicine administrator, secretary scheduler, mail opener, coupon clipper, house organizer, closet end of season overhauler, official trip packer, photographer, grocery shopper, home decorator, and yes i do windows too, sale researcher, nail clipper (toe nails too), professional fly exterminator, emergency lotion brush hand sanitizer carrying, big purse toting, and the list goes on…

Weird thing is, i wouldnt trade it for the world! I love my husband and my kids and am so blessed every day by the little things like today when Carina drew me a picture of two hearts just “to celebrate me”. Yup she said she didnt get to celebrate me enough.  Or when my boys carry all the groceries in for me. Or just any day. I get to see these amazing miracles, blessings of God walking around and growing into themselves each and every day. 

Yes its hard work, and yes sometimes i need a break. But i am blessed!


Sometimes its so easy to forget that real love is more than a metaphir or some made up fairy tale. Real love is sacrificial. Real love is an action verb. Not a mear emotion like happy or sad. And real love is a choice every day. Yesterday i might have failed in a few areas but every day we are given a new fresh chance to love and to start again!

Oh Lord Im praying today as i write to be so OVERFLOWING with your love that all i can bear to do is love others! I want to be that Proverbs 31 wife and mother not just in my home but to everyone that i encounter!  Make me like you Lord!

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