a hole

Shattered memories.
Glimpses of the past as we make love
Silent stares
Endless silence
Love untold
You kissing me
Me kissing you
You kissing her
Pieces of me slip away
Replaced by steel
You fuck me
I fuck you
You fuck her
I lie alone
Embracing you in my dreams
Once upon a time
Happily ever after you promised me
You promised ME
There is a hole in my chest
A burning hole
It shoots live fire through me
Your words burned in my mind forever
Your face so terrible
Who are you?
Where is he?
The man who promised me happilty ever after?
He’s gone
And now all I’m left with is a fucking hole
And words that run through my mind
If you would have known him then you would have believed too
Really believed.
eternity endured
Ever after is here and happily long gone.
pennies tarnish over time
At least I have my hole
I guess