Everything but the kitchen sink

So today the kitchen sink and water were finally reconnected in my kitchen!  After almost TWO weeks of having no water in the kitchen because of the installation of granite and a new sink (and problems that cropped up with it)… but now it’s up and working again. 

And I’ve never been happier to wash dishes in my sink!  It’s crazy because washing dishes was always up there on my top 5 most disliked chores — right behind cleaning the bathroom.  But today is a new day!  It’s this amazing feeling to wash dishes in my new huge sink.  I think I might never use my dishwasher again. 🙂

So next week the backsplash goes up, followed by the new floors and then shortly there after the new kitchen table and chairs should arrive.   I’ll follow up with pictures later for all of my curious readers.  Maybe I’ll include one of myself with my apron on washing dishes too just for fun! 😉