Cardboard Confessions…

Cardboard Confessions… So this is a clip of the first service that I was invited to at my church … In the Light Ministries in Philadelphia. I started attending on Sunday, January 31st and haven’t missed a Sunday since for the most part. Since then I’ve developed a relationship with God. He’s like my friend. I talk to him whenever something is bothering me. And he always is on my side. My relationship with him is this huge thing that is almost too big to put into words. Without him, I’m angry, short-tempered, bitter, resentful… still my happy self of course, but I am all of those things too. But with him, in him, I am happy, patient, satisfied, thankful. It’s like this amplified cloud of love has settled into my heart and my life and is here to stay.

So I wanted to post this clip, so that hopefully, everyone can start to see what turned the tide with me. And no, I’m not a holy-roller, not by a long shot. But I am a God-loving, God-fearing woman of God.