I’m all grown up…

It’s weird. But it just dawned on me that I’m all grown up. I remember being a kid and wanting so badly to be here, in this place. A place where I make my own decisions do my own thing, now I’m the boss of me. But it’s funny because I don’t FEEL different. Just the same as when I was little, but I’ve just SEEN more and DONE more. I stilll love swinging on the swings at the park. I still love the slide. And laughing til it hurts. Chrismas mornings and Halloween. I still love them all. How did it happen without me noticing? When did it pass? Was it one moment or a series of them? When I went from being a girl into being a woman. Was it my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first love, my first dance, all of these things stringing together making me into a woman? I don’t know when it happened, but I know it’s official. I’m no longer a child, because i have my own children. I’m no longer little anymore. I’m all grown up. Me, just better I guess…

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