A Mother’s Wish

My daughter was on the bed between my husband and I last night and I looked at her and wondered what her husband would be like one day. I wish so much for her! I want her to have a husband that loves her, that adores her, that treasures her. I want him to look at her and see all of the things that I see. I want him to treat her so good, like such a princess, with a love so great. I want that for her. Love, above all else. I hope she never knows worry or need or frustration or anger. i know that this hope is impossible, because if one doesn’t experience those things, how can one truly know when you are experiencing the real thing? without pain and hurt, how can you know and appreciate love and happiness? Or maybe it’s just that by knowing those things, it makes the sweet, so much sweeter.

And of course for my sons, I want them to marry women just like me. 🙂 What more could a mother ask for?