The truth hurts…

Why do some people feel that they have the right to hurt your feelings in the name of telling you the truth? Have you ever had a friend like this. One who had no regard for others and just went about tellling everyone whatever came to their minds because it was their right and they were being honest and truthful?? They say they are your friend and then turn around and spit fire at you with their mouths. Throwing salt on top of open wounds. Is it really necessary? And how much of a friend are you to say things that you know are going to intentionally hurt me? I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t just crazy glue my lips together permanently. Just walk around with my lips welded together. So that no one will have any cause for giving me their honest opinion of me and what I do with MY life. Yes, MY life. MY choices. MY mistakes. Not YOURS. You can do what you want to do with YOUR life. Be as honest as you want. REAL friends CARE about you and how you feel and don’t just drop bombs on you just BECAUSE it’s the TRUTH and it has to be spoken.

REALITY CHECK all you honest people out there.. the truth does not have to be spoken. ESPECIALLY if it is the truth from YOUR point of view AND it’s going to hurt your friends feelings. In the end your callous tongue is going to be flapping at yourself when you find yourself all alone because all of your “friends” have just disappeared.

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