tattooing love or life…

So, I’ve decided that i’m going to get a new tattoo. for all of you who don’t know, I have 1 tattoo. It’s my husband’s name in tiny scripted letters just below my tailbone. While we were separated I decided to get another tattoo to cover over it. But now that we’re back together, I’m actually still considering covering it up. You know how they say one way to end a relationship is to get your significant other’s name tattooed on you… So my thoughts are, how about if I cover it up, would that be a portent for better things to come in our relationship? well I talked to my husband about it and he was pissed. he thought that was the worst logic he had ever heard. But he doesn’t have MY name tattooed on him. So, why should i? I’d like to tattoo a phoenix on my back. something that represents me. my life. Being reborn through fire. What do you think? should I get the phoenix to cover his name? Or should I just have his name somewhere incorporated into the tattoo?

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