Heidi Fleiss’ Stud Ranch…

Chelsea Lately is on TV now. They just talked about the new stud ranch that Heidi Fleiss is creating. It’s the male version of the infamous bunny ranch in Vegas. A place where women can go and pay to have sex with men. The women on Chelsea Lately’s panel couldn’t seem to understand the concept of why women would want to pay to have sex with a man. Just based on the fact that a woman can usually always find a man that will be wiling to have sex with her pretty much anywhere.

I think it’s a great idea. With the amount of career driven women that there are nowadays, I think the demand for a service like this will definitely have increased since 20 years ago or so. Basically, you would be paying for a night of good sex with a guy who is attentive to only you for that one night. You don’t ever have to worry about him pestering you again. You don’t have to wait for phone calls or emails or try to ignore overabundances of them. You don’t have to worry about him lying to you. You’ll never spend countless hours deciphering the meaning behind a simple phrase and the body language associated with it. Or have to lie in bed wondering where he is at 2am. You get exactly what you want, pure, unadulterated sex. Granted, you have to pay for it, but that’s what you wanted to begin with. Women nowadays are indeed changing, even becoming more so like men every day… Now women are using men for their own pleasure. Now we will make them into our strumpets and toy with them until we are tired and walk away leaving them alone feeling empty and unfulfilled.

So while we women become more like men and make men our playthings, today men are also making changes. Some are becoming more so like women every day. Exploring their feminine sides by plucking their eyebrows, getting manicures and facials, wearing form fitting clothes. And these men are not gay, they’re referred to as “metrosexuals”. Men that are in touch with themselves and fashion, but are heterosexual.

So how does this all bode for our society as a whole? This role reversal of sorts, this world where women are more like men and men are more like women every day. How will this impact us? What will become of us all? What will our next generation be like? Raised by women who act like men and men who act like women… Or does it even matter, might it change nothing at all? Are our ideas of what a women is and what a man is simply imposed upon us by society, and perhaps these perceptions themselves are what is indeed unnatural?


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